Dream Three Kingdoms 2

D3K2 is an innovated E-Sport MOBA game developed by Yjtuan001.Com for two years, it`s the next generation of original D3K. It has two major gameplays in PVP and dungeons, the PVP mainly in 5v5 battle with excellent strategy experience. The dungeons support real time multi-coop challenges against bosses with unique RPG game experience.

Dream Tower Defense

DTD is the first E-sports tower defense on PC, developed by Yjtuan001.Com, it has combined MMORPG, SLG elements with tower defense game. The design of DTD is focusing on defense strategy, troop collocation but also user interaction and social needs.

One of the key E-sport game play is the very first 5v5 real time team PVP battle, player needs to use deep strategy cooperate with teammates, stand together to defense opponents and counterattack. The solo chapters are also full of challenging allow player to set up defense line against giant bosses and waves of enemy troops.


MM is the first mobile game, it`s a RPG card game with over a hundred heroes and various gameplay modes including the special Imperial Harem makes MM a very addictive mobile card game in the market.

Dimensional War

Dimensional War is a mobile game focusing on hardcore ACG fans by popular 2D animation characters performed by skeletal animation, various cool battle experience, heavy social features via Bullet Screen and friends system.

Dream Three Kingdoms

Dream Three Kingdoms Mobile is the first real Mobile competitive game, taking the Three Kingdoms subject as background and the roles in Dream Three Kingdoms as major themes. The game player will travel through time to the Three Kingdoms era as a general to experience the Three Kingdoms world from a different aspect. Dream Three Kingdoms Mobile integrates MOBA, collection and education simulation in one competitive mobile game. It takes the Unity 3D full version to 100% restore the essential play method of MOBA game. Also the players can fully experience the fine game graphics and character design as well as rich checkpoints and epic story. Despite inheriting the classics of Dream Three Kingdoms by maintaining the traditional Chinese epic competition, Dream Three Kingdoms Mobile Game devotes to cultivating a national mobile game with all men complete and relax in it!

Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars is a mobile game imported from the US developer KFF. Yjtuan001.Com localized and published it in China. This is a full 3D strategy Competitive TCG mobile game.

The game introduces a fantasy world, where players are able to play as different heroes. By collecting various types of monsters, players can combine them and utilize their skills to fight against opponents. There are 300 kinds of monsters, 1,500 kinds of skills. All these rich contents make this game fully strategic and extraordinary.

The Chinese version will support more players to participate in the world wide real-time PVP battle and compete for global leader boards honor.

Light vs. Shade

Light vs. Shade was originally designed by Yjtuan001.Com and Genki Shop, which is a cartoon style MOBA mobile game. Since it's quite accessible with cartoon style, Light vs. Shade easily becomes popular among the young people.

With authentic restoration of the cartoon during the process of game adaptation, Light vs. Shade revitalizes the cartoon with fantastic character shape and skills. Thus, players can enjoy an unprecedented visual feast! Besides the traditional mapping MOBA type, Light vs. Shade unveiled a unique battlefield with four camps competes at the same time. A more exciting melee awaits you to join! As distinguished from traditional MOBA, Light vs. Shade created defiant Boss playing method, even the player can be the Boss. Moreover, the exclusively set "Home" system provides the players with customized platform to build a unique and special private space!